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Klick Ventures is a proven execution partner that incubates and helps expedite the commercialization of brilliant ideas with both entrepreneurs and investors. We know what it takes to be successful, as we’re backed by over twenty years of life sciences and healthcare expertise.

Venture Partnership Redefined

Fluidly deploying in-house resources to commercially optimize each selected venture partner.

We’re redefining what it means to be a venture partner in today’s rapidly changing healthcare marketplace. Klick partners with both entrepreneurs and investors to help successfully accelerate venture commercialization by deploying our own resources and sharing the risk.

Even with the best business idea, there’s no guarantee of success. But the right people, with the right experience, and breadth of skill sets can provide the bandwidth and expertise at key acceleration points of a venture’s maturity.

Execution Partners

We don’t just advise, we create together.

With our unique blend of business expertise, healthcare know-how, scientific capabilities, analytical tools, and human ingenuity, Klick Ventures has the in-house resources and experience to accelerate and commercially optimize your venture.

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Curating a bespoke team of multidisciplinary talent that changes to meet your needs.

We are a value-add investor that puts skin in the game by assembling a team of proven multidisciplinary talent from across the Klick ecosystem, over 1000 brilliant people strong.

Selective Venture Partnership

A customized approach for investors and entrepreneurs on their journey to commercial success.

Our hands-on, bespoke approach takes an investment of both time and resources. We don’t work with hundreds of ventures a year for moment-in-time interventions, we partner with a select few to give them an unfair advantage to accelerate commercialization. And we give them our full attention while we do it.

How We Work with Entrepreneurs and Investors

Investing resources at all levels of venture maturity

Get Investment Ready
Optimize Traction
Speed to Scale
Venture Maturity
Product Concept
Initial Product Release
Product Market Fit
Customer Base with Path to Revenue


Disrupting Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

A visionary idea that we grew together with our co-founders into an organization that was the first to disrupt the non-emergency medical transportation model. In response to a traditional transportation model that was severely outdated, we created a platform that customizes rides around a patient’s specific needs and ensures they get the care they deserve.

We are proud to have helped to transform the healthcare transportation space, while simultaneously delivering advancements in cost savings, patient satisfaction, and appointment adherence. Two years after Circulation was launched we publicly announced that Circulation was fully acquired by LogistiCare Solutions, LLC and we’re proud to have helped pave the path to its success.

Sensei Labs

Revolutionizing Today’s Management Tools

Sensei Labs and the Conductor platform are the next generation of digital workplace tools. They revolutionize today’s management tools and processes that can be traced back to the same practices that were established decades ago, when the rate of change was slow and the cost of data was high. Outside of the office, people’s personal lives have been transformed by the power of social and big data, but management tools have been struggling to keep up.

Conductor has been successfully used in small pre-commercial biotechs and Top 10 pharmaceutical companies. It is also being used to enable early-stage companies that are quickly scaling and is being used in large multinationals within healthcare and across industries. Conductor has also become the delivery platform for some of the world’s largest professional services organizations, like Kearney, who use it globally to deliver transformations, M&A transactions, procurement and supply chain projects, and large-scale PMOs.

This success inspired us to spin Sensei Labs out from Klick into its own corporate entity so that it can rapidly grow as a leading Enterprise SaaS business.

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